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Have you been searching for an excellent cosmetics and beauty supply store to no avail? Look no further - New Variety Stores is the place for you. We are conveniently located in Kolkata and we are very passionate about offering our customers quality yet affordable cosmetics designed to enhance your beauty regime. We believe everybody should have access to top-quality cosmetics and beauty products, so we continually strive to provide only the best products at reasonable prices. Call us today on +917699310501 for more information.

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At New Variety Stores, we offer a wide variety of cosmetics and beauty products, from ethically sourced beauty products to branded gift sets, all at prices to suit your budget. Why not take a look at our extensive range of skin care and hair products? Or check out our stock of makeup items from top quality brands! Whatever colour it is you desire, we guarantee we’ll have it for you in store - if not now then we’re happy to order it in time for your next visit. If you care for your appearance and love high quality products, then do come along and pay us a visit.

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